How to Begin? Check out the Roles Page.

Are you the patient? Read the Patient's Role. Check out forms and websites to support you. Then explore each of the Core Patient Support Roles. List favorite friends and family whose gifts, talents or backgrounds match each role.
Are you a close family member or best friend of the Patient? Look at the Roles for yourself and see which one matches your gifts, talents and/or background. Offer to play that Core Support Role for your loved one.
Are you a neighbor, work colleague and/or acquaintance looking to help? Check out the Sample Wish List. Pick any specific tasks that match your gifts and that you'd be happy to do when the time comes. Offer now!

As leader of the CareBrigade, the Patient's first step is to choose a CarePartner. Next a Scribe, a crucial role for early doctor's appointments. If necessary, immediately after diagnosis, your CarePartner can play both Roles. 

Download the "Choosing Your CarePartner Quiz" pdf to learn the characteristics of a great CarePartner. Most likely your best friend is a good start, even if they live far away. Check out scribe role and find supportive forms, apps and websites for each role on the Role Page. 

The Roles

Download and print the 5 Steps To Set Up a CareBrigade pdf  Review all 5 steps, then customize your CareBrigade to fit your own specific needs.  

It's Never Too Late to Start a CareBrigade

While CareBrigade is designed to support the Patient from the initial diagnosis all the way through at-home recovery, anyone can jump in and create a CareBrigade, for themself or a loved one. at any point during the healing journey. 

The 5 Steps ›

The Resources Page holds many helpful websites, online tools, and CareBrigade forms FREE for you and your CareBrigade

Online Calendars to manage volunteers. 

Communication Tools to easily update your loved ones 

Information Websites and Apps to link you with reliable national medical sites.

Patient Sharing Websites to connect you to other patients with your disease.

Meditation/Relaxation sites to use as self care, to soothe your anxiety and fear.

Resources ›