The CarePartner is a trusted friend and chosen companion who works with the patient to make sure the patient’s needs and requests (medical, physical, emotional and spiritual) are identified and supported, in the way the patient likes to be supported from the beginning all the way through his/her medical journey.

 See the handout "Choosing your CarePartner"  for choosing the right person.


  • To act as the patient’s companion on their entire medical journey, supporting as needed in choosing the other core support roles right after the patient's diagnosis (especially scribe, medical advocate, spiritual advocate). Before those roles are chosen, the CarePartner may support patient (even playing those roles) through possibly frightening tests, "staging of the disease," until the treatment plan is in place.) 
  • To work with the patient during each stage of their journey to access whatever support they need and to support the patient in situations where he/she does not feel heard.
  • To buffer the patient from negative people with whom the patient wants less contact (yes, we all have them in our lives).
  • To stand in for the patient as leader/decision maker when the patient is too sick or medicated to stand up for themselves.
  • To act as the patient’s agent in ASKING PEOPLE TO HELP with practical tasks during at-home recovery and/or prolonged treatments,and communicating  with those  CareBrigade volunteers, so the patient doesn't have to ask or worry. 
  • To help the patient choose a tech-savvy scheduler to set up a system that works for the patient, to schedule and manage those volunteers.