The Communicator is a friend/relative chosen by the patient (usually a good writer or someone who loves to write) who writes periodic updates about the patient’s health and sends them out. Periodically, a similar update (as a way of honoring their help and contribution) may be sent to all the CareBrigade volunteers.

Communicators, the patient him/herself, or a spouse may choose to send mass emails or to use a FREE website (such as or to update friends and family. These free websites take minutes to set up, allow photographs to be shared, plus family and friends can post messages back to the patient. Also, privacy settings let you limit it to family and friends the patient selects.


  • Meets with patient to gather what medical and personal specifics the patient wants to share about his/her condition, and with whom.
  • Writes periodic brief updates on the patient’s health that are reviewed and approved by the patient. These are shared with friends and family the patient chooses. This includes sending a final "thank you" at the end of the journey, thanking everyone for the help, thoughts and prayers.