The Patient's Main Role? To Get Well!

While sometimes you, the Patient, may feel empowered,  more often, navigating your own medical journey alone can be quite overwhelming. Make your first self-care practice choosing a Personal Core Support Team of close family members and friends, starting with one good friend to act as a compassionate, supportive companion on your journey.  

Recovery Is a Team Sport.  Don't Go It Alone!


  • To keep your body, mind and spirit in a space of well-being and relaxation. Rest into a loving community of support. Remember: your job is to do your best to get well!
  • To participate as a full partner with your medical team in choosing powerfully, making sure your preferences are honored and your wishes are fulfilled, supported medically, spiritually and practically by a core team of friends, acquaintances, and family contributing from those gifts. .
  • To choose a CarePartner who will support you throughout your entire medical journey during times you want to be empowered with doctors, and if you are struggling with medical decisions. Once treatment options are chosen and scheduled, your CarePartner will help you locate, ask for and manage an on-call, at-home helper team to fulfill on the various life tasks that you might not be able to manage after surgery, or during possible debilitating treatments (like chemo or radiation). See the handout "Choosing your CarePartner"  for choosing the right person. 
  • To make your needs and wishes for support clear to your CarePartner throughout your medical  journey, so the CareBrigade can best support you at every stage.