The Scribe is a trusted friend, good listener, and accurate note taker (can be medically trained or not) who accompanies the patient to every medical appointment and takes notes as to what the doctor says about the disease, treatment options and prognosis. If the Scribe uses smart phone apps for recording the session, s/he needs to be sure the patient gets paper or electronic copies (patient's choice) of all those notes, for the patient to reference later in appointments with other doctors and specialists.  


  • Meets with the patient before each doctor's visit to help the patient generate and/or articulate questions about their treatment or diagnosis. Makes two copies of the questions the patient wants to ask the doctor and brings one copy for patient and one for him/herself to that visit.
  • Records the doctor’s conversations and answers, and reminds the patient of any question s/he wanted to ask.
  • Asks for spelling of medical terms so the patient will be able to do further research, discuss their condition with their medical advocate, and/or accurately share their condition with family and friends.
  • Transcribes Scribe's notes after the appointment and provides them to the patient in a timely manner.