The Spiritual Advisor is a trusted close friend and a compassionate listener (can be, but isn't necessarily, a clergy person aligned with the patient’s spiritual tradition) who helps the patient choose and implement self-care practices that can provide emotional comfort and spiritual support throughout the patient's healing journey. 


Brainstorms with the patient which specific emotional or spiritual practices that give the patient comfort and relaxation especially in the face of anxiety or fear. These practices do not need to be religious, just simply relaxing and personally comforting to the patient.

Spiritual Self-Care Practices might include, for example:

  • Sharing fears, hopes, and laughter, on a regular basis, with their spiritual advisor or another named compassionate friend or family member.
  • Using prayer, doing art, or being in nature as a centering practice
  • Reading poetry, doing meditation or yoga breathing
  • Listening to favorite music that lifts your spirit
  • Watching funny movies that make you howl with laughter
  • Sharing precious moments with a grandchild or in deep conversation with a friend.
  • Living into a future of wellness: Patient plans a wonderful treat for themselves as each round of treatment is completed: a family party, a spa day, theater tickets, a glass of wine, a mini-vacation, something the patient can really look forward to.