STEP 5 - Completion, celebration and redesign (if needed) for Phase 2.

  • Re-assess the continuation of the CareBrigade as close as possible to the original predicted END date, or when it becomes obvious support will be needed a bit longer, or cancelled a bit earlier.
  • If you and your CarePartner decide NO more support is needed, declare the CareBrigade complete, and send out a patient update with a thank-you note to all who volunteered.
    • Plan a party for Phase 1  volunteers (if the patient wishes) both to celebrate the patient's wellness and to meet other members of  what might feel to them to be a virtual team.
    • Either the communicator or the patient can write and mail/email thank-you note(s), whichever the patient chooses!
  • If the patient needs more recovery time, additional surgeries, treatments, or other medical care, the CarePartner and the patient should  create a CareBrigade Phase 2 wish list  based on new restrictions and limitations, any Phase 1 openings that current volunteers have communicated they wouldn't be fulfilling in Phase 2, and any new  patient and their family needs. Email a thank-you note, including an update by the communicator on the patient's progress and current medical condition, to everyone who volunteered the first time, with a request to stay on. Offer their current position if they are willing (and if it is still helpful to the patient) or ask them to consider any new ones that have opened up. Include the revised Phase 2 wish list, adding and pointing out any NEW tasks. Let people choose again.  
  • Resend the original (or slightly adapted) request letter, with a Phase 2 wish list, to any people who didn’t respond for Phase 1. Add new people now in the patient's email address book. Ask family, friends, and current volunteers to pass the request letter and wish list on to others who might be willing to help out in Phase 2.  
  • CarePartner and the patient reorganize the CareBrigade, with the volunteers who choose to stay on and and any new ones who volunteer.
  • Repeat Steps 2 through 5.

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