Roles allow a CareBrigade's Core Support Team to provide, at each stage, whatever kinds of emotional or practical support the Patient needs, so nothing that is vital to the Patient’s well-being slips through the cracks. Roles also allow family/friends at a distance to support the Patient, from their gifts, with the team expanding or shrinking, as needed.

Since each Role does not need to be limited to a separate person, one close friend can fulfill several Roles at one time, and/or different family members (one at a distance and one up-close) can share the same Role, switching out as needed, over the course of the Patient's medical journey. This means a CareBrigade, especially in the beginning, can be as small as three people  (Patient, CarePartner and Scribe, for example), or grow larger when providing practical support (drivers, childcare, meals, etc.) during at-home recovery. Spreading the Roles around also allows no individual to end up over-extended or burdened (including the CarePartner, the  live-in Caregiver or spouse, if there is one). 

See the graphic above for a quick overview of the CareBrigade Roles.